"Paranormal Activity" In Telugu By Ravi Babu

Among the new wave of movie makers, Allari Ravi Babu has been trying to carve a brand for himself and mostly, his films have been touching base with Hollywood movies. Those close to him say that Ravi Babu happens to be a big Hollywood buff and never misses out on watching them. Also, he has a top producer as one of his mentors and he takes advice from the movie maker whenever he gets a thought. It is now heard that Ravi is smitten by the latest Hollywood horror thriller "Paranormal Activity" and also got a nod from his producer friend. So the next venture from Ravi is likely to be in the form of "Paranormal Activity" in Telugu. Currently, the script is said to be in the working stages and if the film nagar folks are to believed, then Ravi might come up with a formal announcement as well, Ravi Babu copying "paranormal Activity"?